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  • Effective Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy can be used for all aspects of life such as:

    • Stop Smoking, Phobias/fears removed or reduced, Reduce anxiety, Change Eating habits
    and much more.....

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  • Modern life is driven by stress, there's another way

    In the "connected" world we are always on and never seem to switch off. This causes high levels of stress without means of switching off. I can provide you with relaxation techniques which can help you move forward and let go of things all of which helps make a healthy mind.

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  • Mindfulness is awareness of what is happening right now

    Ever eaten your lunch but don't really remember doing it? Had an empty can in your hand but can't remember drinking it? Each day we walk around doing thing's without knowing it, these are signs on an unhealthy state of mind. Mindfulness is about being aware of the present and helps with the stress and labours of daily life

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  • Talking about your issues is not a bad thing

    It's a very "British" thing to just get on with things and not to deal with them; the problem is that type of behaviour is not good for the mind. Counselling is all about dealing with issues and challenges that happen in daily life and not allowing them to built up inside.

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About me

I have been trained at Nottingham University, practising since April 14. I have a passion to help people through hypnotherapy and mindfulness I offer free consultations and tasters. I have a huge success rate and have helped many people overcome their concerns. From Oct 2015 I am also offering free counselling as I spend the next 3 years at Uni training to be a counsellor - combined with hypnotherapy to help undo the concerns in the unconscious mind I am looking forward to helping many people I am on a 4 year program for hypnotherapy and counselling, I had a huge amount of experience in life coaching / mental health issues etc before embarking on this journey to be qualified. I am currently on year 2 of the counselling and psychotherapeutic course


I am a member of a number of professional bodies shown below:

National Hypnotherapy Society

Hypnotherapy Directory

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions around hypnotherapy

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

It’s a very relaxing experience, almost like a daydream

How long does a session take?

Most sessions will take 60 minutes but others are shorter, it really depends on the type of treatment being given

I won’t be made to do something that I don’t want to?

No – you are completely aware at all times of what is happening.

What if I don’t come round properly? Will I stay hypnotised?

No, each and every script for hypnotherapy sessions count you back so you do not stay in a hypnotic state

Can I learn to hypnotise myself (self hypnosis)?

Yes this is something that I can show you how to do and can record the session if required

Does it always work?

It really depends on how much you want the change to happen. In most cases, where the change is genuinely desired then yes it will work.

Do I hypnotise myself?

Frequently, all the time. I am a true believer in the benefits of Hypnotherapy so practice “what I preach”!

Is my treatment/therapy treated confidentially?

Completely, my profession is bound by the same ethical practise as doctors and solicitors.

Am I able to bring someone with me?

If you are nervous or not completely comfortable then absolutely. The only thing I ask is that they remain quiet as interruptions could cause treatments to be unsuccessful

How can I book?

When you are ready to book in for a session then please complete the booking form at the top of the page or click here

How do I pay?

By cash at appointment or by Paypal


Here's some feedback from my clients

Quote author



Angela is brilliant, made me feel so relaxed and is very personable. The whole process was easy and comfortable with very good results. I would highly recommend.

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I've had 2 visits to Angela and i can highly recommend her, she made me feel so welcome and relaxed, I have had brilliant results.

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This is brill. I feel like something has left my body (in a good way). I woke today with stress and anxiety trying to sneak it but something was telling it to clear off. This is the best thing iv ever done. Well recommend it with Angela

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